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When we meet for a FREE consultation, we offer personalized support drawing from 19 years of experience. We can explain the advantages of working with us vs. our competitors. We have the capital to buy any home, in any area, no matter the condition, giving you the utmost options and reliable path to selling. View our featured client success stories below.

Featured Client Success

“When faced with an unexpected downsizing at my place of employment, I was forced into an unsustainable situation with my primary residence and multiple rental properties. After speaking with numerous real estate agents and so called “investors” with no success, I was put in contact with Dave at Tri-State Financial Solutions, Inc. I received multiple solutions most of which I had never heard of from any other source. They not only solved my real estate problems but did so with complete respect and understanding for my situation. They know Houston real estate and they know how to deal with lenders!”


“I finally had enough of tenants and toilets. I had purchased three rental properties and over the course of two years my tenants literally destroyed my properties. There was so much damage. I never though I would be able to get out of these properties without taking a sizable loss. Mr. Puza bought two of my properties for what I owed and was able to work out a deal with my lender on the third. His company paid all of my closing costs as well. I highly recommend Tri-State Financial Solutions to anyone that needs to sell a property.”


“Both my husband and I became disabled and were unable to work. Our bills were quickly mounting and that left us in a position that we were unable to pay our property taxes. Thank God for Mr. Puza and his company. He was able to buy our house for cash only three days before the tax sale. He paid us an amount that enabled us to start over and pay off all of our remaining debt. He even offered to let us stay in the house. When the bank and the tax man didn’t care, he did. He handled everything during an extremely stressful time in our lives. We are so grateful. Thank you again Mr. Puza.”


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