No One Knows the Greater Houston Market Better! Any Reason, Any Condition, We’ll Always Give You The Best Offer For Your Home!

Who is Tri-State Financial Solutions Inc. ?

Tri-State Financial Solutions Inc. is your premier Houston House Buyers.  We are an investment company that purchases single-family and multi-family homes in the greater Houston area.  We buy houses from people in all types of situations, in any shape, and in any price range.

We are not a Real-Estate agency, and we do not want to list your house for a commission or fee! In fact, you don’t pay us anything! We have the very best purchase program available in Houston for a home owner to sell their house quickly!

We have many solutions available

If you are behind on your payments

– We can make up your back payments and save your credit!

– If you have any equity, we can purchase it from you. Even if you don’t have any equity, no problem. We may be able to negotiate a discount from the bank in order to purchase your property

– In some cases, we can lease back the property to you.

If you simply need to sell fast!

– We can purchase your property and cash you out in 7 days or less!!

– We can purchase property even if it is tenant occupied!

– We will handle all the repairs!!

If your house is already listed with a real-estate agent.

– We will negotiate with your real estate agent to come up with a solution that will be beneficial for all parties involved.


  • I finally had enough of tenants and toilets.  I had purchased three rental properties and over the course of two years my tenants literally destroyed my properties.  There was so much damage.  I never though I would be able to get out of these properties without taking a sizable loss.  Mr. Puza bought two of my properties for what I owed and was able to work out a deal with my lender on the third.  His company paid all of my closing costs as well.  I highly recommend Tri-State Financial Solutions to anyone that needs to sell a property.

    Sean Moffitt Houston, TX
  • Both my huband and I became disabled and were unable to work.  Our bills were quickly mounting and that left us in a position that we were unable to pay our property taxes.  Thank God for Mr. Puza and his company.  He was able to buy our house for cash only three days before the tax sale.  He paid us an amount that enabled us to start over and pay off all of our remaining debt.  He even offered to let us stay in the house. When the bank and the tax man didn’t care, he did.  He handled everything during an extremely  stressfull time in our lives. We are so grateful. Thank you again Mr. Puza.

    Kathy and Robby Dow Cypress, TX
  • When faced with an unexpected downsizing at my place of employment, I was forced into an unsustainable situation with my primary residence and multiple rental properties. After speaking with numerous real estate agents and so called “investors” with no success, I was put in contact with a specialist at Tri-State Financial Solutions, Inc. I received multiple solutions most of which I had never heard of from any other source. They not only solved my real estate problems but did so with complete respect and understanding for my situation. They know Houston real estate and they know how to deal with lenders!.

    Chris OnielHouston, TX

Ask an expert

Tri-State Financial Solutions Inc. has real estate consultants available who can help answer your real estate related questions.

Whether you are in foreclosure or simply need to sell your property, real estate problems can become quite complicated. Tri-State Financial Solutions Inc. may be able to guide you in the right direction to solve your real estate problems.

Please remember that “Ask an Expert” is not a substitute for legal advice. If you have a serious legal, tax, or other issue requiring professional advice, you may want to consult with your attorney or CPA.

Common questions

How Can I Sell My House Fast?

Simple.  Give us a call today of fill out our online quote request form.  In most cases we can give you cash for your home within 7 days!

How Are You Different From Real Estate Agents?

Real estate agents “list” properties.

  • They charge you a commission to sell your property.
  • There are no guarantees if, when, and for how much your property will sell.
  • The average property takes months to sell. Some take well over a year and in the current market some may not sell at all.
  • This uncertainty causes great stress and anxiety. In addition, you have to constantly keep your home spotless “just in case” a possible buyer wants to look at your home.
  • Usually, not until the day your property sells and closes escrow, do you even know exactly how much you’re going to receive.
 As your local, independent, and professional real estate buyer we do not want to “list” your property. We want to buy your property… NOW! We do not charge you any fees or commissions.

In most situations we can make you a fast cash offer within 24 to 48 hours. Often, in as quickly as seven days or sooner, you can have your money as well.

We want you to have a fast, hassle-free, and stress-free sale!

How much will you pay me?

We are dedicated to making you a fast cash offer that will be “win-win” for both of you. We are equally committed to providing you the fastest possible stress-free sale.

Tri-State Financial Solutions, Inc. has the flexibility to offer you a number of personalized purchasing programs. Each unique situation can require a different method and formula to determine how much we can pay for a home or property. All allow you to benefit from the fastest possible sale and to sell your property without doing any work or repairs.

How much we can pay for your home or property will be based on many factors. These include the condition and repairs that are needed, the time factor, whether you need to be cashed out, or if a creative solution is needed and can be achieved.

Is there any risk, obligation, or charge?

You have no obligation or risk in allowing our real estate buyer to access your property and particular situation. There will be no charge, fees, or commissions, and we’ll present you with a positive solution that is “win-win” for both you and our company.

Do You Pay Market or Retail Value?

Please do not confuse what a real estate agent tells you with the actual value of your property, with how much money you will actually put in your pocket , and when the property sells with the reality of the situation.

First, it is quite common for a home or property to sell for 10 to 20 percent less than what the real estate agent lists it for.

Secondly, when using real estate agents, it not uncommon that you as the seller will probably be required to do a number of repairs to satisfy the buyer. These repairs could cost thousands of dollars.

Third, do not forget your holding costs. (Your loan payments and the cost of your money tied up in the property, which could be making you money somewhere else.) A real estate agent will not make your mortgage payments for you while you wait for a buyer. We will buy your house now!

Finally, there are commissions to the agent which can be as high as 7 percent and your closing costs which can be as much as 3 percent.

Bottom line

A real estate agent could tell you your house or property is worth X amount of dollars. By the time your agent sells it, figure in your holding costs, repair costs, commissions, selling costs etc. etc., you might put X amount of money, less tens of thousands in your pocket!